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Media Release - Daniel. Andrews. Will. Put. Tolls. On. The. Eastern. Freeway.

   Thursday, 23 November 2017

Again today the Andrews Government has put out a media advisor rather than Luke

Donnellan to say they don’t intend to put tolls on the Eastern Freeway to help pay for theNorth East Link.

Daniel Andrews has form when it comes to lying about roads and tolls.Daniel Andrews said cancelling the East West Link wouldn’t cost taxpayers a single dollar. It ended up costing $1.3 billion and counting.

Daniel Andrews said the Western Distributor was ‘shovel-ready’, would be toll-free and cost $500 million to build. It ended up not being ‘shovel-ready’ and was scrapped in favour of the Westgate Tunnel which will be tolled and will also include more tolls on the Monash and Tullamarine Freeways.

Daniel Andrews will put tolls on the Eastern Freeway to help pay for the North East Tunnel.

The suddenly media-shy Luke Donnellan has gone missing in action to avoid going on the record.

I’m organising a search party to find him. There’s no fear he is in Narre Warren North so all efforts are focussing on Brunswick Street.