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Media Release - Disunity and leaking from the comrades on Andrews’ Apple at Fed Square shocker

   Friday, 5 January 2018

Key left faction allies of Daniel Andrews have leaked a Cabinet discussion against their right-wing colleagues over the shambolic Apple at Fed Square decision.

In an extraordinary display of disunity, Ministers Richard Wynne, Gavin Jennings and Martin Foley have leaked their displeasure at handing over public land at Federation Square to global conglomerate Apple.

The plan was taken to Cabinet by also-rans Phil Dalidakis and John Eren. Given Foley has carriage of Arts and Wynne of Planning, it’s extraordinary the Premier didn’t side with his factional colleagues in Cabinet.

However, the fact this decision has ended up on the front of a newspaper shows the disunity, angst and bitterness at the heart of the Andrews Labor government. It’s really not going too well for the comrades this morning.

Instead of focusing on solving Victoria’s youth gang crisis, Labor ministers are more interested in fighting amongst themselves.

Victorians hate the Fed Square decision and they want a government to focus on the issues that matter to them, rather than perpetually talking about themselves.