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Media Release - Liberal Nationals to upgrade St Michael’s Primary School, Ashburton

   Thursday, 8 November 2018

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will provide $3.5 million to build new classrooms and construct a STEM centre at St Michael’s Primary School, Ashburton.

This investment indicates the importance the Liberal Nationals place in STEM education and preparing young people for the high-tech jobs of the future.

This announcement follows the Liberal Nationals commitment of $400 million for capital upgrades for non-government schools.

The Liberal Nationals support a strong public and private education system because we believe in giving parents choice and children the best opportunities.

A critically important part of that choice is for parents to have the option of low-fee, independent and Catholic schools.

With the current population squeeze limiting parental choices it’s never been more important to support all three sectors of our school system.

Our announcement of $3.5 million for St Michael’s Primary School is a vital investment in this growing area of Melbourne.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith:

“We want to work with non-government schools to give all Victorian families choice in education.

I am delighted to be able to announce this $3.5 million investment in St Michael’s Primary School Ashburton, as part of our $400 million commitment to non-government schools.

Only the Liberal Nationals have a plan to get back in control of the population squeeze and give parents choice and children the best opportunities in their education.”

Comments attributable to Member for Burwood, Graham Watt:

“Real choice in education requires both strong government and non-government schools, this investment follows the Liberals’ strong record of investment in government schools, including the rebuild of Ashwood High.

As a parent of two teenage boys, I have first-hand knowledge of the difference improved facilities can make in schools like St Michael’s Primary.”