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Media Release - The Greens and Labor inch closer to deal

   Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Greens have let the cat out of the bag on Facebook when the Greens member for Melbourne, Ellen Sandell spoke to Leader of the Greens, Samantha Ratnam, about the inevitability of a future Labor- Greens alliance.

SANDELL: Now let’s be clear, Daniel Andrews and Labor are ramping up these attacks and I know the volunteers out there are feeling it on the ground, in the community, but he is doing this because we are so close to balance of power, and he’s doing this because he doesn’t want to talk about policy.

He doesn’t want to sit down and talk to us about policy because he knows he’ll be introducing Greens policy in a little while; when we get more people into parliament.”

The Greens and Labor are inching closer to a deal if Labor is forced into a minority government.

Daniel Andrews may not admit it but the Greens know it is true that Labor would enter into a deal if they were forced into minority government.

The Greens’ list of demands that are at odds with Labor’s policies include, among others:

• Cancelling road infrastructure projects such as the North East Link;

• Cancelling all capital upgrades to Independent and Catholic schools.

• Overturning plans for new prisons.

• Shutting down the coal industry entirely.

• Shutting down gas supplies to households.

• Overturning mandatory sentencing for attacks on emergency service workers.

• Increasing Labor’s betting tax by 7% to 15%.

• Abolish the use of Tasers that are being rolled out across the state.

• Stripping back police powers to deal with potential terrorist threats.

These are the policies that the Greens demand be implemented in return for their support.

It would be a recipe for chaos and instability in government at enormous cost to the wellbeing and cost of living for all Victorians.

It would mean increased taxes, more criminals on the streets, more traffic chaos, an attack on Independent and Catholic schools and more.

Only a Liberal Nationals government can deliver a stable majority government at the next election – the alternative is chaos.