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Media Release - Do nothing Planning Minister refuses to act

   Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Inner-city based Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, has shown complete contempt for the residents of a Frankston South apartment complex that’s clad in dangerous, flammable material by refusing to assist to ensure their homes are safe.

A state-wide cladding audit has revealed an apartment complex in Frankston South is so dangerous that a security guard has been posted at the premises in an attempt to protect residents from the risk of fire.

Despite the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) having informed residents that the immediate removal of the dangerous cladding from their homes was required for their own safety, the Planning Minister has once again failed to act to help protect the homes, and lives, of these Frankston South residents.

While the Minister has said he will fund the removal of cladding from government owned buildings he is still refusing to assist these residents to ensure their homes are safe.

Residents of this apartment complex might well be asking themselves if Richard Wynne is refusing to help make their homes safe because, reportedly, he said, in his own words, “Frankston people really piss me off.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, Tim Smith:

“Richard Wynne’s failure to help ensure that the residents of this apartment complex homes are safe is just another kick in the guts for the many victims of this cladding crisis.

Not only should Richard Wynne help fix the dangerous cladding issue at this Frankston South apartment complex, he should again apologise for his disrespectful attack on the good people of Frankston.”