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Media Release - Andrews Labor Government’s cringe worthy climb-down on Apple Store at Federation Square

   Friday, 5 April 2019

The Andrews Labor Government announced in December 2017 that there would be a flagship Apple Store at Federation Square. Today that decision is “dead in the water.”

Daniel Andrews has already trashed Victoria’s international reputation once when he tore up a legal contract costing taxpayers $1.3 billion.

Now he’s double downed with another disastrous deal that damages Victoria’s reputation as a place to do business.

After years of negotiations, often in secret with one of the world’s biggest companies and iconic brands, Apple, Daniel Andrews has been forced into a cringe worthy climb-down because his ministers responsible have not done their due diligence in regards to the design and heritage impacts of demolishing the Yarra building.

Heritage Victoria has shown uncharacteristic speed in defending the twenty years of heritage at Federation Square.

I do not dispute the cultural and architectural significance of Federation Square, but like many Melbournians I have often found Heritage Victoria to be missing in action when asked to protect heritage homes built in the late 19th century in established and middle-ring suburbs. These properties may not be as high profile as Federation Square, but they are of significant heritage value.

Melbournians want their heritage to be protected in our suburbs, but the Andrews Labor Government plans to cram hundreds of thousands of extra people into these already crowded suburbs.