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Media Release - Compulsory acquisition of the Corkman Hotel site

   Thursday, 30 May 2019

The Andrews Labor Government should compulsorily acquire the Corkman Hotel site from the developers who illegally demolished it.

The developers who disgracefully demolished the Corkman should not make one cent of profit from their illegal actions.

They broke the law, they must not profit from doing so.

Once compulsorily acquired by the government, the site should be become a park or be used for social housing.

Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, must act to compulsorily acquire this land and send a clear message that if you demolish a historic building, you will not profit from that misdeed.

Richard Wynne said three years ago that the Corkman Hotel would be rebuilt.

He said in Parliament on 24 November 2016:

“I reiterate today that the clear determination of the government is that the Corkman Hotel will be replaced as a hotel.”

He has failed to keep his word.

He must now act and send a clear message that destroying heritage buildings will not be a profitable business in Victoria.