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Media Release - Labor's paltry recycling response “grossly inadequate”

   Monday, 3 June 2019

The Andrews Labor Government’s 'plan' to tackle Victoria's recycling crisis is a $34.9 million band-aid that fails to address the real problem that's seeing recycling piling up in landfill.

The Andrews Government had more than $500 million in collected landfill levies - better known as the bin tax - sitting in their Sustainability Fund at 30 June 2018.

As the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has said that this paltry announcement “is grossly inadequate given the scale of investment needed”.

Despite Labor collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from municipal and industrial bin taxes every year, the budget did not include funding assistance for those councils hit with added costs due to recycling facility closures.

The Andrews Government is instead using its half a billion dollar bin tax to prop up its sham surplus because it has totally mismanaged the state's budget.

Labor's failure to manage the state’s finances has left councils on their own to deal with this recycling crisis and will leave local residents wearing the costs.