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Media Release - There’s something smelly about Tricky Dicky Wynne and Slick Willie Fowles

   Thursday, 6 June 2019

Only weeks before the Andrews Labor Government went into caretaker mode, Richard Wynne introduced Amendment C346 which allows for 40 metre, or ten to twelve storey development on the Corkman Hotel site.

Why didn’t the Minister for Planning make his Interim Controls, which required the full restoration and reconstruction of the Corkman Hotel, permanent, instead of introducing C346 which gives these cowboy developers a huge windfall gain?

Did Slick Willie Fowles lobby the Andrews Labor Government for this outcome on behalf of his client who illegally demolished this heritage building?

How much did Slick Willie earn from his client for his lobbying? Was there a success fee?

Did Tricky Dicky Wynne have departmental representatives present for all meetings and phone calls with Will Fowles? Are there minutes of every one of these meetings?

The minutes of these meetings will be fascinating to see how Australia’s greatest ever lobbyist, the now Member for Burwood, turned almost certain financial disaster for his clients into a profit windfall.