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Media Release - 10 questions for Daniel Andrews and Will Fowles to answer

   Thursday, 25 July 2019

1. Why was Mr Fowles in Canberra?

2. Was Mr Fowles trip funded by Victorian taxpayers?

3. Who was Mr Fowles with during his night out on the town?

4. What time did Mr Fowles return to his hotel after his night out on the town?

5. Was Mr Fowles under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while in Canberra?

6. Was Mr Fowles aggressive towards hotel staff, particularly female staff or security?

7. Did Mr Fowles attempt to use his position as a Member of Parliament to bully hotel staff?

8. Why did Mr Fowles not apologise to hotel staff at the airport this morning?

9. Will Daniel Andrew sack Will Fowles from the Labor Parliamentary caucus?

10. Will Mr Fowles resign as the Member for Burwood?