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Media Release - Labor’s recycling crisis set to cost Victorians $700,000 a week

   Friday, 26 July 2019

Why are recyclables that Victorians have diligently separated from other household waste being dumped into landfill today?

Because of Daniel Andrews and Labor’s complete and utter failure over the last 5 years to fix Victoria’s recycling crisis, particularly after China refused to accept any more exported Australian recycling in 2017.

This environmental disaster is now set to cost Victorian ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

SKM spokesman Rob Spence has said the cost to councils to dump recycling into landfill is about $700,000 a week.

That is $700,000 a week of ratepayers’ money that can’t be spent fixing roads and footpaths, running child and maternal health services, and funding local libraries.

Labor is sitting on around $500 million in bin taxes collected from Victorian ratepayers, and they are still charging them for a service this government is failing to provide.

Daniel Andrews must compensate ratepayers, through their local councils, so that Victorians do not have to suffer cuts to services due to Labor’s complete and utter failure to resolve this mess.