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Media Release - Cowboy developers are getting away with the heist of the century

   Friday, 6 September 2019

The two rogue developers convicted of illegally demolishing Carlton’s 159-year-old Corkman Pub have had their already meek fines almost slashed in half on appeal.

The developers who unashamedly demolished this heritage icon should not make one cent of profit from their illegal actions.

Sadly, it shows that if you’re friends with Labor, you can get away with almost anything.

Will Fowles, the disgraced Member for Burwood was a highly paid lobbyist for these developers following their illegal demolition of the iconic heritage building.

Labor’s Planning Minister Richard Wynne promised three years ago that the Corkman Hotel would be rebuilt, adding to the litany of broken promises by the Andrews Government.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage, Tim Smith:

“These cowboy developers are getting away with the heist of the century.”

“The Andrews Government must appeal this decision which sends entirely the wrong message to the industry.”

“Richard Wynne must reconsider our call to compulsorily acquire the Corkman site, so these cowboys do not profit from their unlawful behaviour.”

“The Andrews Labor Government must also answer how is it that these two rogues continue to practice in the construction industry in Victoria today after what they have done, both with the Corkman and also their development of a Hawthorn apartment building with extremely dangerous combustible cladding?”