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My Opinion Pieces

The Weekend Australian: The young guns

The Weekend Australian Magazine 27-28 November 2010VETERAN Liberal senator Judith Troeth was dining in a Canberra restaurant with a table full of colleagues when she noticed newcomer Wyatt Roy sitting at a table nearby. The 70-year-old got to her feet and invited parliament's youngest ever MP to ...
  Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Sydney Morning Herald: Council bypass a shonky plan for Melbourne

The Sydney Morning Herald 2 June 2010 Planning power is being ever more centralised, and residents lose out.A land use planning document for Melbourne that predicts the demise of the United States and the ''rebalancing'' of the globe in favour of China was always going to be slightly ...
  Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sunday Age: The man who sees no clear way to lie down and roll over

Sunday Age 28 February 2010 IN SPITE of the no doubt well-intentioned career advice offered by state Roads Minister Tim Pallas this week, you'd suspect that the new mayor of Stonnington, Tim Smith, has never - ever - been one for pulling his head in.At 26 and just a couple of months into the ...
  Sunday, 28 February 2010