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In Parliament


Members of Parliament residences - Members Statements

   Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mr T. SMITH — On a sadder note, it would be nice if members of the Labor Party actually lived in their electorates. It is not that hard — just move there. The poor old Treasurer is copping a belting at the moment — and quite rightly so, because he is trying to stick a jail in an electorate where he does not live. But it is not just him. The member for Altona does not live there. The Minister for Roads and Road Safety does not live in his seat. The member for Narre Warre South does not live in her seat. It is the snobbery and arrogance of the modern Labor Party. The snobs in the modern Labor Party — the battlers’ princes and princesses of the modern Labor Party — do not even live in their electorates. It is completely outrageous.