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In Parliament


Yarra Boulevard, Kew - Adjournment Debate

   Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) — (12 309) My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Police, and the action I seek from the minister is for her to meet with George Mihailides, who is the leader of the cycling action group which was complaining about the tack attacks on Yarra Boulevard at Kew, representatives from VicRoads, local police inspector Steve Noy, and representatives from Parks Victoria. This group has a similar composition to a group I met with before Christmas at a forum hosted by Victoria Police at VicRoads where lawlessness around Yarra Boulevard was raised — lawlessness in the parks, lawlessness on the roads and lawlessness in the surrounding streets.

The tacks are but one issue that arises in that part of my electorate. There are rave parties that are occurring in the parklands at night and local residents are complaining about the noise. There are assaults on wildlife. Graffiti abounds in public areas. It is a very dark area of a night. There is no closed‑circuit television at all, and the street lighting is poor. I think if the police minister was to meet with representatives of the cycling community and the local community, and indeed other relevant agencies, that would be an important step to solving what has been an ongoing issue in that part of my electorate for almost three years now, where individuals have been laying tacks which have been bursting the tyres of cyclists, causing a great degree of harm, damage and concern.

I have raised this now on a number of occasions, Deputy Speaker, and I am sure you are becoming very well versed in this issue because I always seem to raise it when you are in the chair. I simply make the point that the police minister now really has to step in. I have also raised this matter with the Minister for Roads and Road Safety who has been very forthcoming with regard to resources from VicRoads. I thank the Minister for Roads and Road Safety for his efforts in enabling Yarra Boulevard to be swept magnetically six days a week to clean up the tacks, but the perpetrators have still not been caught. It is simply unacceptable that that part of my electorate has the level of concern from local residents that it currently does.