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In Parliament


Brighton Incident - Members Statement

   Thursday, 8 June 2017

Brighton incident


The ugly spectre of terrorism appeared again thisweek, this time in Brighton where Yacqub Khayre murdered Kai Hao, a Chinese‑Australianwho was simply doing his job as an attendant at an apartment block. I paytribute to the special operations group who rushed to the scene and put theirbodies and their lives on the line for freedom, for decency and for our greatstate and nation. The simple question is: why was this man on parole? We havestill not had a sufficient answer to that very important question.

I wasequally appalled by the comments made by the Islamic Council of Victoria thismorning in questioning whether the incident in Brighton was related toterrorism or not. I am simply appalled by their statements regarding safespaces for various people. In this country you should be able to say in publicwhat you say in private.