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In Parliament


Kew's Walmer Street Bridge - Adjournment

   Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) — (13 026) My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is that the minister fund an upgrade of the Walmer Street bridge, which crosses the Yarra River between the City of Yarra and City of Boroondara in Kew. The Walmer Street bridge is a historic bridge that is currently falling to pieces. It is a hazard to both cyclists and pedestrians who use it regularly. I have frequented that bridge —

Mr Pakula interjected.

Mr T. SMITH — I advise the Attorney‑General it is Walmer. I noticed that he is diligently taking notes, which I greatly appreciate.

Mr Pakula — Speak more clearly.

Mr T. SMITH — You cannot be criticising someone in their adjournment speech, my friend. I have been criticised on my pronunciation. That does not often happen here, but anyway, we will move on.

The key point is that the bridge is falling to pieces. It was built by the state government many years ago, and there are planks of wood that are out of place. There are holes in it. The council has threatened to essentially close it down if there is not an urgent upgrade. Boroondara council have suggested that quite frankly it is not their responsibility. The City of Yarra are in, shall we say, constrained fiscal circumstances. They probably ought not be putting so much money into cancelling Australia Day and protesting on federal issues.

This bridge is frequented by a good number of cyclists every single day and also by runners, by pedestrians and by folk walking their dogs in both the City of Yarra and the City of Boroondara. I would ask that the Minister for Roads and Road Safety investigate how much money is required to improve it and that he look at funding and an urgent upgrade.