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In Parliament


Yarra Boulevard, Kew - Members Statement

   Thursday, 8 March 2018

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) (09:50:27) — Before Christmas there was a community forum held at VicRoads in Kew to discuss the ongoing lawlessness around the Yarra Boulevard. VicRoads made certain undertakings that there would be a subsequent forum early in 2018. Unfortunately no such forum has been organised.

A drop‑in has been organised on 28 March at VicRoads, which is a parliamentary sitting day. That is unacceptable. VicRoads promised a full forum with community leaders, with the council, with constituents and with concerned residents. I have not been invited to this so‑called drop‑in on 28 March, and I will be raising with the Minister for Roads and Road Safety this totally unacceptable situation, where the local community is being completely ignored as to their genuine concern with lawlessness on Yarra Boulevard, which sees hoon behaviour, hoon driving from both motorcyclists and cars, rave parties at night that are keeping residents up and cyclists being attacked with tacks which have been thrown on the road, resulting in many cyclists receiving quite dramatic injuries.

This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable, and it shows that VicRoads’s pledges before Christmas were nothing but, frankly, hollow lies. We need a proper forum to get to the bottom of these issues. We need CCTV cameras, and we also need noise attenuation measures around Yarra Boulevard in Kew.