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In Parliament


Kew electorate bus services - Members Statement

   Thursday, 26 July 2018

Mr T. SMITH (Kew) (09:58:42) — I want to raise a very important issue for residents that live around Asquith Street in my electorate of Kew. The 302 and 304 bus services are constantly late. There are not enough seats on the buses; they are constantly clogged. My residents cannot board these buses by the time they reach Kew because there simply is not room. I have written to the Minister for Public Transport on at least two occasions now — late last year and some weeks ago — asking for increased services in my local area for residents who use the 302 and 304 services. I have not received a sufficient reply to date and I will be raising this in the adjournment this evening or, hopefully, in the next sitting week, because this is a very important issue for public transport in Kew.

Public transport in Kew is a real issue because we do not have the east–west link and car congestion is constantly clogging up local streets. Tram services, the 109 and 48 routes, are not sufficient, and we have people coming off the Eastern Freeway at Doncaster Road and rat‑running through Kew. This is creating enormous traffic heartache for residents in Kew. We need the east–west link built and we need it now. It is a huge issue for residents in Kew that the Australian Labor Party spent $1.3 billion to tear up that most vital contract for a connection to the Eastern Freeway which still ends at a T‑intersection at Hoddle Street, and we are still without a connection to the airport.