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In Parliament


Central Pier - Questions Without Notice and Ministers Statements

   Thursday, 29 August 2019

T Smith (11:28:40): My question is to the Minister for Planning. Development Victoria (DV) had a report more than two years ago advising Central Pier required full or partial replacement. Given that Central Pier has now been evacuated because it is a danger to life, why has the government done nothing to replace or strengthen Central Pier, despite having been advised two years ago it was unsafe?

T Smith (11:31:23): Development Victoria purchased the Channel 7 site last year for just over $100 million. There is also a development contribution fund of at least $20 million, while the government gifted the AFL 15 000 square metres of Docklands harbour frontage at a cost to taxpayers of millions of dollars. Why didn’t the government spend any of this money on making the pier safe? Members interjecting. The SPEAKER: Order! The Premier! The member for Kew and the Premier! We are at the end of question time on Thursday. Please, I do not want to remove anyone from the chamber at this late stage.