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In Parliament


Bus Routes 302 and 304 - Members Statements

   Thursday, 29 August 2019
T Smith (10:01:08): Once again I would like to bring this house and the Andrews Labor government’s attention to the 302 and 304 bus routes in my electorate, which start in the electorate of Box Hill and traverse through the electorate of Kew, down the Eastern Freeway and into the city. Once again, constituents have complained to me on a number of occasions that buses are full when they arrive at stops in Kew, cannot take on passengers and often drive past. This is incredibly frustrating for those who rely on this public transport connection to the city to commute daily. I have written to the minister on a number of locations—the previous Minister for Public Transport and the current Minister for Public Transport—and no responses have been forthcoming that satisfy my constituents that these services will be improved. I implore the Andrews Labor government to fix these services. My constituents rely on them, and they are simply not good enough.